FanDraft Baseball 2012 Now Available!

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We are happy to announce the launch of the 2012 version of FanDraft Baseball: Fantasy Baseball Draft Board software. The new versions includes a variety of new features and enhancements, all of which can be seen in the link below:

There were a variety of new enhancements this season, but the biggest addition to version 12 is making a Mac compatible version of FanDraft. This has been a major request from users over the last couple of years, and we’re glad we could finally deliver. On top of this good news, users will not be forced to buy both a PC and a Mac version. One single purchase of FanDraft gets them access to both versions.

Additional information about FanDraft can be found on our recently updated website: Users (new and past) can download a nearly fully functional LITE version for FREE from the website. This is a great way to try it out before purchasing.

FanDraft Baseball 2012 can be purchased for $34.95 for new users, and $17.50 for upgrading users (prior year registered users). However, you can order at the Early Bird rate of $29.95 (New Users) and $14.95 (Upgrade) before March 1st 2012. So HURRY!

FanDraft Baseball ’12: New Features & Enhancements


  1. Improved Graphics and User Interface.
  2. Added compatibility for Mac OSX.
  3. All of the 2012 Rookies/Player Updates.
  4. Added/Improved “FLEX” position support.
  5. Bug fixes and minor interaction enhancements


  1. Added Phonetic editing of players.
  2. Can now import iTunes audio files.

In Draft Features

  1. UNDO button added to draft interface.
  2. Can change the “Font” of the Draft Board.
  3. “Skip Pick” button added to main menu.
  4. Player Board: Players can now be removed or grayed out after being selected.
  5. Improved algorithm for “Auto-Pick” suggestions.
  6. HOT KEYS added for Positions (SHIFT/0-9).
  7. Show Player Photos in Pick Announcement

Auction Draft

  1. Can change the order of how teams are displayed on Auction Board.
  2. Teams “grayed out” after running out of bid $.
  3. Improved interface for auction drafting.
  4. Display “Roster Slots” available on Auction Board (Activated through “Draft > Draft Preferences”).


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