FanDraft Football 2012 is now available

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We at FanSoft Media are proud to announce the recently launch of the 2012 version of “FanDraft: Fantasy Football Draft Board software“.

The 2012 version of FanDraft has undergone some major changes which we are very excited about. Make sure to visit the official FanDraft homepage to see all the new features, screen shots, and download the free LITE demo.

FanDraft Football 2012

The most notable enhancement has come with a complete redesign and overhaul of the draft board grid.  The board now automatically resizes font size, as well as includes vital player data (i.e. BYE week and player position), thus minimizing the need for users to tweak data/preference options to fit their individual needs. These changes should greatly simplify the setup process, as well as bring a large enhancement to the drafting experience.

FanDraft Fantasy Football Draft Board software

One of the biggest functional changes users will notice is the changes in the “Display Boards”. The previous “Team Board” and “Picks Board” have now been replaced by a simple “Draft Board” and “Roster Board”. The “Draft Board” mimics the traditional fantasy draft board, displaying players horizontally as selected. In the case a player doesn’t align under the proper team column (caused by traded draft picks), the cell will simply display a note of the team that selected the said player.

To download a free LITE version of the latest FanDraft Football, just visit the official FanDraft website at


MyFantasyLeague and FanDraft PROMOTION

A few years back FanDraft teamed up with to help bring easy integration between the two services.  FanDraft has the capability to import league and team information from your league, as well as export draft results directly into your league.

As a special offer, MyFantasyLeague has been kind enough to offer a special $20 discount for all ’12 FanDraft Football users.  To learn more about the integration and this special offer, just click here:


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