NFL Lockout

If there  is one thing that all people hate, and is uncertainty. And the “NFL Lockout” has created a vast amount of that negative feeling. This uncertainty has led to a few questions from our users regarding “return policies” in the case that the NFL Lockout leads to a season cancellation.

We are quite optimistic that the NFL season will NOT be cancelled. Both the owners and NFLPA have way too much to lose in that scenario. Regardless of how long this messy thing drags on, we are fairly certain about one thing — and that is people still want to draft. After all, drafting is more than half the fun of fantasy football. Speaking for the entire staff of FanDraft, we have no plans of missing a weekend get together with long time friends to drink beverages, talk smack, and DRAFT! We are of sound belief that most of our users don’t plan on missing this either.

For these reasons above, we will not be offering any sort of return policy. We will be holding a draft, using/enjoying our software and products regardless of what happens, and we think our community of users will too. So if you plan on drafting, make sure to make the most of your experience by checking out the latest version of FanDraft, Cheatsheet Creator, and Draft Order. We’re sure that regardless of what happens in-season, these products will make the most of your draft day events.