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FanSoft Media Advertising

We offer affordable advertising solutions, on a very visible and high traffic website. You have your choice between the highly popular “text-based links” or “small banner image”.

When you order, you will receive your link advertisement placed on the front page of FanSoft All payment is securely made through the PayPal subscription service. The costs are by monthly basis, and you can cancel at any time.

Text Links
You are allowed up to 3 Lines of 35 character length in your text based ad, with a maximum of 3 different URL links).

Advertising prices fluctuate through throughout the year, with lows of $85.00 month during the off-season. However, once you lock in at a rate, you will receive that rate until you cancel. So lock in early, and stick with us for the best rates year round!

To order just send your links and Paypal payment to

If you have any additional questions, or require a different payment method, feel free to contact us.